“This is our time to rise and turn this crisis around. Young people are not just part of the conversation; we are leading it.”

Luisa Neubauer

Keynote Addresses


Amazing Speakers at Different Panels

What are we going to talk about?

While there is much to discuss, we believe three interventions are crucial to make a scalable difference

Climate Education

Educating everyone about climate change is crucial for a sustainable future.

Climate Technology

Technology has a critical role to play in building a sustainable future.

Climate Finance

Climate change is a global challenge that requires collective effort and investment.

Who else do you want to meet?

While the official list of speakers is going to be announced soon. You can get engaged in the following ways

Nominate a Speaker

Would you like us to invite someone? Give their details here and we will send them an official invite.

Become a Speaker

Have questions to ask and information to share? Become a speaker at the Summit.

Offer a Masterclass

Have a climate skill that you can teach? Help people transition their career into climate.

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