Agenda Day 1


“This is our time to rise and turn this crisis around. Young people are not just part of the conversation; we are leading it.”

Luisa Neubauer

Day 1: How do we build the foundation for Climate Action

Starts at – 3:00 PM (IST) | 9:30 AM (GMT) | 1:30 AM (PST)

Welcome Address

3:00 PM (IST) | 9:30 AM (GMT) | 1:30 AM (PST) – 30 Mins

Ayah Nimer Sherif, Sumit Arora

Climate Action Needs Youth At Its Centre

Keynote – 3:30 PM (IST) | 10:00 AM (GMT) | 1:30 AM (PST) – 30 Mins

Disha Ravi

Need of Youth Representation for Climate Action

4:00 PM (IST) | 10:30 AM (GMT) | 2:30 AM (PST) – 60 Mins

Panelists: Hany Anan, Doris Manu, Aanya Wig, Alya Annabi

Moderator: Sumit Arora

Gender Representation In Climate Action

4:00 PM (IST) | 10:30 AM (GMT) | 2:30 AM (PST) – 60 Mins

Panelists: Shanina Mercedia van Gent, Mousumi Kabiraj, Aishwarya Jain, Hannah Bamwerinde

Moderator: Deepti Ojha

Networking Break (30 Mins)

Climate Education: A Pillar for Future Action

Keynote Address: 5:30 PM (IST) | 12:00 AM (GMT) | 4:00 AM (PST)

Dr. Dima Jamali (VP, Academic Affairs – Canadian University, Dubai)

Formal Education and Climate Action

Are Leaders Equipped with Climate Skills?

Power Panel | 6:00 PM (IST) | 12:30 PM (GMT) | 4:30 AM (PST)

Adirupa Sengupta, Giovanna Jagger, Farah Ghanem, Kamakshi Wason

Moderator: Sumit Arora

Non-Formal Education and Climate Action

Activism, Arts and Journalism for Climate

6:00 PM (IST) | 12:30 PM (GMT) | 4:30 AM (PST)

Jigyasa Labroo, Gloria Kasang Bulus, Elisa Vallete, Natalia Vasnier

Moderator: Sahil Pimpale

Educating Next Generation of Leaders

Are we preparing the next generation right?

7:00 PM (IST) | 1:30 PM (GMT) | 5:30 AM (PST)

Esther GacigiSatvik Sahu, Awais Ahmed

Moderator: Sarika Baheti

Turning Education into Action

Graduating from Awareness to Action!

7:00 PM (IST) | 1:30 PM (GMT) | 5:30 AM (PST)

Garima Poonia, Claudius Mbuya, Siwangi Goyal, Samira Seidu

Moderator: Angelic Abad

Networking Break (30 Mins)

How can we ensure everyone is educated right?

What’s the right way of educating about Climate?

8:30 PM (IST) | 3:00 PM (GMT) | 7:00 AM (PST)

Nikhil Sharma, Prof Olalekan Busra Sakariyau, Nitisha Pandey, Ruchie Kothari , Elsie Gabriel

Moderator: Nitya Satheesh

Together can we really do more?

Building Communities for Sustainable Action

8:30 PM (IST) | 3:00 PM (GMT) | 7:00 AM (PST)

Carlos Terol, Zina Yassine, Sayesha Dogra, Goma Karki

Moderator: Divya Gaur

How to get next Generation Ready for the Transition?

9:30 PM (IST) | 4:00 PM (GMT) | 8:00 AM (PST)

Michael Chen, Luis Gerardo Carvajal FernandezFiorella Favero Guevara, Kevin J Patel

Moderator: Preeti Prada

Bridging the Gap Between Climate Reality and Climate Education

9:30 PM (IST) | 4:00 PM (GMT) | 8:00 AM (PST)

Anshuman Bapna, Dr. Santanu Basu, Glory Oguegbu, Nandini Harihar

Moderator: Sumit Arora

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