Mousumi Kabiraj

Mousumi Kabiraj

Research Analyst, CEEW

Mousumi is a Research Analyst in the Powering Livelihoods team at The Council. She is involved in ideating, researching, and writing knowledge products about the best practices to effectively integrate gender inclusion among energy-livelihood businesses.

Before joining The Council, Mousumi worked with Indian Grameen Services. She primarily focused on developing project ideas on natural resource-based, climate-resilient and gender-focused livelihood opportunities for rural communities. In addition, she was engaged as a researcher in the GiZ project to assess the potential of renewable energy interventions in the fishery value chain in West Bengal, India.

Mousumi is also a Fellow at the Young Women Leaders Fellowship, a 6-month program conducted by The Red Door to nurture young women leaders in the areas of gender, disability, mental health, and sexuality. During her tenure, she participated in ‘The Red Door Resilience Project’ and designed modules for the Resilience Building workshop from a gender lens for young girls in Madhya Pradesh.

Mousumi holds a postgraduate degree in Conservation and Livelihood Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Madhya Pradesh, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics Honours from the University of Calcutta. During her Masters, she interned with the Foundation for Ecological Security to conduct the longitudinal assessment of Satkosia Watershed in Odisha. Along with, assessing the impact of watershed management on empowering women by applying the Women Empowerment Index developed by The Hunger Project.

Mousumi is inquisitive and passionate. She is an art lover who loves to paint in her free time.