Disha Ravi

Disha Ravi

Writer, Climate Justice Activist - Bangalore, India

Disha Ravi, a distinguished climate activist from India, has emerged as a prominent voice in the global environmental movement. As a co-founder of the Indian chapter of Fridays For Future, she has been instrumental in mobilizing youth across the country to demand urgent action against climate change. Disha’s activism is driven by her profound understanding of the interconnectedness of environmental issues and social justice.

Born and raised in Bangalore, Disha’s environmental consciousness was sparked by witnessing the impacts of the climate crisis in her own surroundings. Her commitment to the cause is deeply personal, rooted in the desire to protect the natural world and ensure a sustainable future for subsequent generations.

Disha’s efforts extend beyond organizing protests and campaigns. She is an eloquent speaker and writer, using these platforms to spread awareness about the urgency of climate action. Her work emphasizes the need for systemic change and the importance of inclusive policies that consider the vulnerabilities of marginalized communities.

Her activism has garnered international attention, placing her at the forefront of the youth-led environmental movement in India. Disha Ravi’s dedication to climate advocacy reflects her belief in the power of collective action and her unwavering commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.