Mimi Wu

Founder, Global Green Solutions

Mimi is an award winning impact-driven founder and leader committed to solving the global plastic pollution crisis.  She has deep expertise in circularity and plastics waste management technologies and systems, particularly in the Global South, from founding one of the world’s only post-consumer plastic bag collection and recycling companies in a country –  Myanmar – which consistently ranks in the top 20 hardest countries in the world to conduct business.

Mimi’s overarching legacy is to build a more collaborative and empathetic world.  Within her mission of accelerating our global society towards a zero plastic waste future, Mimi focuses on reducing plastic production and consumption, building basic waste infrastructure for all communities, and scaling innovative solutions.  Since returning to the US in 2021 after Myanmar’s military coup, she has been working on projects such as implementing waste collection and sortation facilities in Southeast Asia, designing and scaling refill and reuse models, commercializing plastic recycling technology in East Africa, tracing global plastic scrap, and supporting advanced recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics in North America.