Preeti Prada Panigrahi

Preeti Prada Panigrahi

Associate Program Director, Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom

Preeti Prada, is currently Director Programs, with Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom, a pioneering philanthropic organisation that works with an ecosystem of partners to create implementable actions and streams of collective wisdom for next generation of wicked minds. Foundational, on methods of systems thinking, w recognise interconnections, and combine data and technologies with culture and politics. Preeti leads the Urban Systems Lab within Socratus, that engages with governments, communities, and markets to solve wicked problems.

Preeti, is a psychologist with professional training in management, and urban studies from London School of Economics & Political Science. Specialisations in Urban Management & Law, and Child Rights Law. She has also completed a leadership on Early Child Development from Harvard University.

Over, the last 16 years she has anchored – government led missions, nationally, in states to design and develop community led innovations, strengthen local leadership and support addressing issues of urban poverty. With stellar leadership skills, she has been successful in establishing policy and funding priorities for urban poor, children, and indigenous groups in India.

Preeti, is committed to strengthen citizen participation in urban governance, and bring the disfranchised voices to inspire transformation through persuasive advocacy and learning.