Climate Action Young Leaders Summit 2024

The summit is more than a conference; it’s a launchpad for actionable solutions and a beacon for global change. The event is going to be online on 2-3 March 2024.

The Climate Action Young Leaders Summit 2024 is the second edition of the Summit. Last Summit was in 2020 and it is happening after 4 years. The format of the last was different and was broadcasted openly. We had more than 70 speakers from 18 countries and more 1500 attendees/viewers each day of the three day summit.

This year, the format is very different. It is going to have young leaders who are beginning their careers in the climate and environment space along with distinguished speakers like yourselves who have had great impact in the space already. Also, this year we are featuring masterclasses by different speakers and an exhibition area for organizations who are in the climate space.

For any queries regarding the Summit please reach out to info@youngleaderssummit.org

About the Host Organization

Enviro Aware was born as a result of the first edition of the Young Leaders Summit in 2020. It is an organization focussed on Making the World Environmentally Aware. Which includes transforming how Education is provided, technology is governed and finances are allocated.

The Organization was founded in 2021 in Bangalore India. and has been working in the space since then.

For any queries regarding Enviro Aware, please reachout to info@enviro-aware.org