Aishwarya Jain

Aishwarya Jain

Founder, IMHappiness

Aishwarya Jain is Founder of IM Happiness, Research fellow in – Consumer Behavior, TEDX Speaker and Associate director – ART Group

IM Happiness is –
A cognitive fitness community endeavour to better well-being of people through experiences and education.
Having experts like Devdutt Pattanaik to Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai , BK Shivani , Aman Gupta and more.

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Driven to motto of growth of people and Asia’s first health and happiness club !

About IM Happiness

IM Happiness a
Global think tank working to better happiness index and provide well-being solution to people.

I’m Happiness works for well-being for rural development from sex workers to women / men on addiction , domestic violence, and overall health. Also , a network is a pool of global wellness and growth experts and experiences.

Been featured and partnered with Harvard Medical School , UNICEF , Bill Gates Foundation, Yourstory , and more.