Sneha Ganesh

Sneha Ganesh

Analyst, MiQ

Sneha Ganesh is a recent graduate with a triple major in Math, Statistics and Computer Science. She currently works as an Analyst at MiQ. Passionate about all things data and technology, she is a fast learner with a keen interest in digital media and retail analytics, aspiring to work as a data / product analyst in these fields.

In addition to being an undergraduate student, Sneha has also been working at Aspire For Her during the entire course of her three years of university, which is a startup that aims to change the diversity equation of India by bringing more women to enter and persevere in the workforce, by enabling a shift in mindsets. She lastly worked as an Operations Manager for the DigitALL marathon, and previously as Project Manager on the Grow with Google program.

She also lead the alliances and technology teams at the company, as part of which she worked on projects with leading companies, including IBM, JP Morgan Chase & Co., MiQ, among others.

Adding on, Sneha is an AWS Machine Learning Scholar, a recipient of the NIAS MAIYA fellowship by IISc and the Microsoft Azure scholarship by Women in Cloud.
She was also a finalist for the WomenTech Global Awards 2023, under the ‘Speaker of the Year’ category, and won in the ‘Community Awards’ category.

Sneha’s interest in speaking sparked when she was 16 years old, pushing her to experiment with various forms of public speaking, ranging from extempores & elocutions to debates, leading her to compete and win at the district level too.
She continued with this passion of hers, soon getting invited to speak at Coacharya’s Global Conference in 2021, JobsForHer’s live session on Women Breaking Stereotypes and at WomenTech Network’s Global Conference and the International Female Youth Summit in 2023. She has also been invited as a guest speaker on The Guiding Voice’s podcast.

She is currently a soft skills and career resource trainer, having delivered more than 20 group training sessions for students, 3 masterclasses, about 35 one to one profile feedback sessions, and has been approached by more than 100 students sitting for placements and otherwise, requesting for assistance on building their LinkedIn profiles.
She was invited by colleges such as Mount Carmel Degree College and CHRIST University, to address the students and conduct similar sessions for them. She has also been approached by organizations such as Talent500, TeenSpace, Hopeworks Foundation and Aspire For Her, among others, to host workshops and trainings, as well as to address groups of people on various topics.

Known for her workshops on topics such as LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Networking and Personal Branding on LinkedIn, Interview Preparation and Resume Building, as well as mindset and capability building sessions through topics like T-Shaped skilling and more, Sneha calls the stage and a room full of people her home.

Apart from her technical side, Sneha writes fiction and poetry, and has published her first short story titled “Muskaan- The Story of her Smile” on Amazon too.
An absolute social bird who loves connecting with new people, she enjoys engaging in activities with a team and is deeply passionate about leadership, storytelling and networking. She spends a lot of time with books and wants to travel the world too!