Showcase your Climate Startup

The Climate Action Young Leaders Summit is the biggest Online event for young leaders around the world to get their voices heard. In the past event, we had more than 65 young speakers from more than 15 Countries and over 1000 attendees every day from all over the world.

This makes it a perfect spot to showcase your climate startup. You can attract young and passionate talent towards your climate startup, find co-founders, have climate investors look at your startup, acquire new clients and have it known all around the world through broadcasts.

If selected, you get the following:
1. Online Booth at the event. People can visit you, watch videos and also interact with you.
2. 30 Sec Video Broadcast during the event.
3. 2 Min Video Broadcast during breaks.
4. Logo Showcase on the Social Media and Collateral.

Charges: There are one time, non-refundable, charges of US $750 for your startup to be showcased online.

Following information is required for you to share about the startup which will be evaluated by a jury and you will be invited if the jury finds your startup right to be showcased at the event.

For any queries, email at