Ask a Question

Ask a Question

While the world is slowly moving towards climate action but the speed is disappointing. The Fossil Fuel Lobbyists are still winning over climate activists and governments are not acting as fast as they should.

While all that is going on, what are the big questions we should be discussing during the summit? You have one? Do share it with us.

If the question is important and relevant for the Summit, we might even make a session out of this. However, there is also a chance that there is no discussion over the question. It all depends on how the committee finds your question.

For any questions or concerns, reach out to us at

What are we going to talk about?

While there is much to discuss, we believe three interventions are crucial to make a scalable difference

Climate Education

Educating everyone about climate change is crucial for a sustainable future.

Climate Technology

Technology has a critical role to play in building a sustainable future.

Climate Finance

Climate change is a global challenge that requires collective effort and investment.

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