Hayat Elhariri

Hayat Elhariri

Founder, Dialectic Institution

Dr. Hayat ElHariri, founder of “Dialectic Institution” for media research and training; she is a university instructor, academic, researcher, and writer in media and politics, and in media and development. In media and development, she works on the intersection between media, research, politics, and sustainable development. Lecturer and speaker in workshops and local and regional conferences.

PhD in History and International Relations from Saint-Joseph University (USJ) in Beirut, and MA in International Affairs and BA in journalism from the Lebanese American University (LAU).


  1. The Sunni Leadership in Lebanon. Case Study: The Emergence of Rafic Hariri, 1979-1990.
  2. Co-writer of book: Shireen Abu Akleh’s Journalistic Legacy,published by Al Jazeera Media Institute (the original book is in Arabic with an English translation version).
  3. 3- Co-researcher in Arab Women and Sustainable Development Plan in 2030″.